#149 | Special Election Edition, FNOTHAP, Vol. 11, Election Paralysis, Leon Black, Jeffrey Epstein, US Eviction Crisis & More


Even with more than 100 yrs of history to tell us otherwise, we continue to be fooled by the ruling class’s binary decision making model inside which they have entombed most of us. The State problem will NEVER be solved by replacing one career politician with another career politician beholden to the system. Inside this special edition of FNOTHAP, Vol. 11, I discuss how the REAL solution is to follow our moral conscience, something which many of us have unfortunately abandoned when deceived by the ruling class. Other topics of discussion including Leon Black’s close ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to assist Americans in dire need of economic assistance prior to the election (which proves the above point) and more.

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Podcast #149 show notes

Wall Street Titan Leon Black Paid $50M – $75M to Jeffrey Epstein. Why is a Big Mystery


JP Morgan and Barclays Bank Jess Staley’s Close Ties to Jeffrey Epstein


President Reagan Worked with Rockefeller Banking Family to Keep US Hostages in Iran Longer than Necessary


The Uber of Evictions, Civvl


Montei di Paschi Banker Suic*des (Graphic)


Social Media, Main Source of News for Many



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